Who are we ?

  • Denis rivaci Rivas, Xeester founder and passionate poker player

"I used to play poker with friends and I did a few amateur tournaments online. then I took an interest in tools which could help me get better at the game and I realized that there simply wasn't any simple, user-friendly and hands-on tool which didn't require an advanced degree in statistics"

With over 10 years of "serial-entrepreneurship" under his belt, Denis then decided to launch the Xeester project in April 2010.


  • Thibaut popotib Durand, R&D Manager and amateur poker player

"One day Laurent (Bachelet, see below) put me in touch with Denis so that we could chat about poker. Denis explained his project and he showed me how far along he was with the prototype. I was thrilled and immediately signed on. It was a godlden opportunity for me : I had been a regular poker player* for several years, I had solid computer skills, and I was convinced there was a market gap and solid demand from players for tools like Xeester".


Thibaut is now in charge of the software's R&D.

* a final table at the Sunday Million at the beginning of the .com area, a final table at the EPT in Dortmund in 2008 and a final table at WSOP's event 51 in 2009.


  • Laurent macqueen Bachelet, Product manager and regular poker player

"I have been competing in online poker tournaments for the past 5 years. I had a fairly good knowledge of tracking tools targeted to players but I remained convinced that a more user-friendly and affordable tracker was missing. During a poker game with mutual friends, Denis briefed me about Xeester. His project really jibed with my interest in poker and my educational and professional background in computer science (10 years as consultant/analyst/developer in software develomement) so it didn't take much to get me on board.".

Laurent is currently in charge of product management (testing, defining future product upgrades, etc.) and client relationships.


  • Xeester's vision

Tools targeted to players are currently very specialized and their complexity puts them out of reach of most amateur players. The needs of poker players are manifold : assistance in real time (HUD), player 'profiling', tracking results, training, coaching, interacting with social media.

Xeester's objective is to develop a scalable and competitive tool which adresses all theses needs in an approachable, user-friendly way in order to provide poker players with a unique and high added-value experience.