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Accurate statistical profiling


Each statistic is clearly presented and explained : abbreviation, value, description and simple color that represents the player's strength or weakness for this statistic.

5 analysis axes are available : starting hands, positions, zones, bets and opponents bets.

Each analysis axis allows to quickly identify the statistic's key points.

Accurate statistical profiling


X2 has a complete module for analysing hands.

  • Sort, filter and review all hands played in both Holdem and Omaha
  • Regroup hands by many criteria and view the main results information
  • Quick check your progress

The essential tool to analyze the game in detail ! 

Accurate statistical profiling

A flexible HUD assistant

During your online sessions, an assistant (HUD or Head-Up-Display) shows you the main statistics for each player in real time in the form of a “label” that you can personalize.

By simply clicking on this label, you open up a complete profile of the player, giving you access to all of the information available about that player as well as any personal notes you may have made about them.

Accurate statistical profiling

All your results in 1 click

For tournaments:
The data displayed for multi-table tournaments (MTT) and Sit-N-Go are the date, time, game format, specialty, structure, buy-in (entry price, including rake), name of the tournament, number of known entries, players' final position and earnings.

For cash games:
The information for these sessions are the date and time, game format, variant, specialty, structure, game limit (adjustable), name of the table, number of hands played, rake for the session and net profit.

Accurate statistical profiling


Analyze your results according to multiple criteria, and follow your progression :

By limits : the blind in Cash Games and the buy-in in tournaments.
By game variant : show your data separately for NL Hold ‘em, Limit Hold ‘em, Pot Limit Hold ‘em or for mixed games.
By time of day : if you wish to know which time of day works best for you, compare your morning, afternoon, evening or nighttime results.  
By game format : find out which game format brings the best results.

And many more criteria !

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Relive your KEY MOMENTS

The replayer allows you to go through your hands again, move by move, or via streaming and to get access to its logs.

The HUD is displayed for each player, and allows to display their profile at the exact moment the hand was played.

All the information you need to understand the hand is available : pot odds, chances at showdown, and player's stacks.

Share your experience

share your expErience

Export your hands and results using the format that suits you best.

- as a JPG, in order to store them on your computer
- in 2+2, Club Poker or PokerAcademie format
- on Facebook, in order to share your best moments with friends and acquaintances