Installation Wizard

Once downloaded, run it. Then click "Next.".

install 02

Accept the Xeester license agreement by clicking "I agree".

install 03

Select the installation folder. By default, Xeester recommends that you install it in your program directory. Then click the "Next" button.


If you reinstall Xeester (if you participated in the beta testing phase), you have the choice between keeping or resetting your data and settings. If you choose to reset, your data will be emptied, but it can be reimported from Xeester's "processed" folder or from your game history. Then click the "Install" button.


Once the components are installed, click the "Next" button to complete the installation.


Then you can choose to run Xeester immediately after finishing installation and to create shortcuts on your desktop and on the start menu. Then click the "Close" button.


Launching Xeester

Click on this shortcut to launch Xeester :

Xeester Icon en


Xeester first checks if there are updates to install. If this is the case, the following screen appears : 



Then enter your username and password (the same as on the website) on the login window :


First configuration

When starting for the first time, you can configure the main HUD options, your poker rooms and data import.


1 - Welcome screen

Your history folders must be activated on your local hard drive, to enable Xeester to load the data.

2 - General settings

Configure main options.




3 - Select your rooms

Select the rooms on which you play.




4 - Configure each room

For more information about each room configuration, click here