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If you are a new user or want to know how to use Xeester before installing it, read our User Guide

If you have never been able to run Xeester on your computer, read the troubleshooting section of the user guide.

If Xeester does not work with a poker room or if the HUD does not start, read the Rooms configuration section of the user guide.

Tournaments and SNGs may be imported with some missing data (not included in the hand history provided by the poker room).

If your HUD labels are not correctlty positioned on the table, read this section :
Preferred seat

If your statistics, or the ones of your opponents, are reset to 0, read this article :
HUD edition

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Type on your keyboard Windows + Pause or follow the steps below :
1. Open a Windows file explorer
2. Click on « Computer »
3. Right click éand select « Properties »

Retrieve the computer's name in the following window :

WARNING : you ABSOLUTELY must respect the case (uppercase / lowercase).

We will modify your account once you gave us this information.

This message occurs because you created another Xeester account when switching to the paid subscription.
To unlock your account, you must provide us the information of your trial account to delete.

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For now, Xeester is only compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bits. A Mac version is in our roadmap.
Nevertheless, you can install Bootcamp to use Xeester on your Mac.



Before formating your hard drive and in order to keep your data, backup this folder : C:\Program Files\Xeester\processed.

After the reinstallation, manually import this folder to retrieve your sessions, hands and profiles.



You will be able to retrieve your game history even if you lost your data.

You can ask your poker room to send it to you. This functionality is often available in the poker room software, or you can ask it directly to its support.

Then you can manually import the file(s) sent by the support.

More information about how to use Teamviewer.

We remote control your computer only for critical problems.

IMPORTANT : we do not remote control for installation, settings, import, etc.

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How to use a coupon code :

Once you chose your subscription, a summary page appears before the final payment:
1. Enter your coupon code
2. Click the button "Redeem coupon"
3. Validate and pay

The email has been sent and must probably be the SPAM folder of your email box.
If your email is on gmail :
1. Check the folder "SPAM" (see screenshot below)
2. Move the confirmation email to your "Inbox" folder (drag and drop)

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If your question is not in the list, please ask it on our forum.
The forum is here : FORUM
If you are a poker club, use this forum : CLUBS