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Versione del 20 Febbraio 2020

Evolutions :

[V2-417] - New stats : Open Shove, Open Shove early, Open Shove late
[V2-511] - New stats  : Fold at Open Shove, Fold at Open Shove early, Fold at Open Shove late
[V2-515] - New stats  : Call at Open Shove, Call at Open Shove early, Call at Open Shove late
[V2-535] - New stats : Raise at Open Shove, Raise at Open Shove early, Raise at Open Shove late

Nota Bene : The new stats only work for imports since this version V2.17.4.0
If you want your older games to be taken into account, delete the sessions and import them again.

Ergonomics :

[V2-527] - Filters Menu : Display changed
[V2-536] - Sort statistics by abbreviation in Statistic chooser

Bugs :

[V2-528] - Correction of a translation FR


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