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Versione del 02 MARZO 2022

Evolutions :

V2-909 ( Poland ) Flags_Poland.png PokerStars : HUD activation
V2-908 Replayer : visualizzazione dell'equità dopo POT odd
V2-904 Replayer > PokerStars > Tornei KO : Integrazione del Bounty
V2-903 PokerStars > KO tournaments : Taking into account the shared bounty
V2-890 ( Italy) Flag_ITALIA.png People's Poker > : Auto-Détection
V2-889 PokerStars > MTT 'Road to' : Adding the 'target' to the Gain
V2-883 Hands> List : Possibility to delete a hand
V2-873 Mani > Risultati : nuovo pulsante 'Esporta' per uso esterno
V2-859 Replayer > 'Pubblica su Opencards' ora mostra le statistiche HUD e nasconde i nickname (per pubblicare la mano senza HUD e con i nickname, bisogna nascondere l'HUD)
V2-848 GGPoker > Tournaments : Taking into account summary
V2-843 Hands > List > Simplified view : Added sizing for betting actions
V2-816 iPoker > SwissCasinos > Tournaments > All-in Shootout : Taking into account
V2-800 PokerStars > CashGame incognito : Adaptation
V2-696 LIVE window : cEV added, 'Infos en' added
V2-652 Tornei > Modulo Sessioni > integrazione dell' info : EVchips/game
V2-650 HUD > Nuova informazione : EVChips/game (solo tornei)
V2-529 MTT : taking into account the additional rake in case of Reentry/Rebuy/Addon

Ergonomics :

V2-944 HUD edition : New stats separations
V2-941 iPoker > Hands > Export > 'original logs' without changing the syntax
V2-935 Folder/Files selection windows now show hidden items
V2-916 Hands > Evolution > Group by > Hans : No more display limits
V2-915 Nuova opzione : Mostra (o no) EVchips/game (permette di nascondere il cEV per quelli che non giocano in SNG Jackpot)
V2-912 Filter > Start hands : New 'Reverse' and 'PP' buttons
V2-911 'View files' opens the folder in the foreground
V2-910 HUD options : Enhanced window focus
V2-906 Launch : New options 'Log on automatically at startup' and 'Minimize launch window'.
V2-905 New import option: 'Ignore hand history files before : [date]'
V2-902 Uniform display of the Rake
V2-901 Filter > Starting hands : Cloud selection
V2-897 Hands Module: 'View Files' button added
V2-871 Replayer: Cliccando sull'area Giocatore/Stack, la visualizzazione passa da BB a Chips
V2-433 Hands > List : Improved 'Stack' visual

Bugs :

V2-958 ( Italy ) Flag_ITALIA.png iPoker > Sisal > SNG 5/6 max : No HUD
V2-950 iPoker > MTT KO > Rake fixed
V2-943 Freeze starting Replayer
V2-942 iPoker > MTT rebuy > Some hands incorrectly imported/displayed in the Replayer
V2-940 Import : Summaries are not always imported after the hand history
V2-937 Replayer > Keyboard shortcuts > Next/previous hand
V2-936 HUD > Data Filters > Hero Sample > All Hands > Session in progress (ingame+replayer)
V2-934 CashGame > HUD > info > Net EV : does not work if no ShowDown
V2-926 Winamax > CashGame > GoFast Hold-Up : Bonus not counted for some cases in the EV calculation
V2-922 Site configuration windows do not stay in the foreground
V2-907 Successive beeps at launch suppressed
V2-900 iPoker > Adversary : Net/NetEV fixed
V2-892 PartyGaming > Bwin : Net fixed
V2-891 PartyGaming > Spins > Rake : updated
V2-888 Winamax > CashGame > Cutting improvement (manual import)
V2-887 Winamax NEW SOFT : labels are poorly positioned when the table's height/width ratio is smaller than its width/height
V2-885 Replayer : Corrected equity display
V2-882 ( Italie ) Flag_ITALIA.png People's Poker > : Import error
V2-881 GGPoker : 'LADbible Super Sunday Bounty Special' imported as FUN
V2-880 888poker : Untimely message at table opening and launch
V2-879 PartyGaming > CashGame : Rake/EV fixed
V2-878 PartyGaming > CashGame : Net/Ev/Rake (uncalled bet)
V2-876 Winamax NEW SOFT : HUDs overlap in stack mode
V2-875 PartyGaming > PMU : MTT freeroll 'La Clique du Turf' imported as FUN
V2-870 Replayer > Keyboard shortcuts : Next/previous hand does not work if 'Continuous play' is unchecked
V2-869 PokerStars : Import hands received by mail
V2-868 Freeze after clicking on "View" (errors) after manual import
V2-867 PartyGaming : Incorrect Net for some hands
V2-865 Replayer > GGPoker : Some POTs are displayed incorrectly
V2-864 OpenCards : Player eliminated pop on playback
V2-863 Winamax > Old version > GoFast : Double Label
V2-862 PokerStars > CashGame : option CASHOUT adaptation 
V2-860 Replayer : CashGame : Display problem in BB
V2-856 PokerStars : adaptation encoding
V2-855 888poker > CashGame : Net/Rake fixed
V2-854 NLHE/PLO hand shuffle in the popup
V2-851 Error EV Allin preflop : KK vs AQ
V2-850 GGPoker > Hands : POT value problem (Uncalled bet)
V2-849 > Importing support files does not work (SNG)
V2-842 GGPoker > Tournaments : Tournament name not taken into account for some MTTs
V2-839 PartyGaming > MTT : No HUD if table change with observed tables
V2-830 Replayer > Publishing on OpenCards : Hiding nicknames doesn't work
V2-828 Winamax > CashGame : Correction EV allin multiway flop
V2-827 iPoker > Betclic > CashGame : New error 'Player name empty' and buggy hand import
V2-825 Hands > Filter > Number of seats
V2-817 ( Swiss ) Flags_screenshot_04.png iPoker > SwissCasinos > CashGame : Some hands not imported
V2-813 Note from an old tournament appears in a new tournament
V2-810 Hands > Results > Group by > Preflop Action : % column
V2-805 Sessions > Winamax DAY 2 : edition KO
V2-799 HUD > info > bbEV malfunctions
V2-796 Replayer : the HUD does not appear on opening
V2-793 Currency conversion works in Hands but not in Sessions
V2-785 EV multiway special case if opponents still in play
V2-780 OpenCards : Symbol € malfunctions
V2-777 HUD options > 'Don't leave labels off the screen' correction
V2-776 PokerStars > MTT : the import of TournSummary is not automatic
V2-773 Xeester badly dimensioned in some cases (idem Replayer)
V2-763 'Session in progress' filter not working (PartyGaming only)
V2-756 ( Italy) Flag_ITALIA.png People's Poker > CashGame : Net fixed
V2-721 Buy-in error if deleting + re-importing an edited MTT
V2-713 MacOS Flag_MacOS.png : Pixelated graphics with Retina display
V2-711 Hands > Graph : Adjusted display
V2-697 Hands > Results : Adjusted equity ('Percentage' renamed to 'Equity')
V2-686 MacOS Flag_MacOS.png > Microsoft Teams / Timer : block HUD
V2-638 Replayer : % equity does not correspond to the real %.
V2-636 888poker : HUD > Label moves by itself (or not) with 'Synchro on'.
V2-627 Winamax > Tournaments > EV multiway corrected for Vilain
V2-623 CashGame > Rake does not appear in LIVE
V2-581 Hands > Filter by stat does not always work
V2-567 Winamax OLD/NEW : HUD does not move to the correct table if tables observed
V2-472 Sessions > Winamax > CashGame : Multiple cutting (import only)
V2-468 888poker > CashGame : double label
V2-451 Replayer : Pot odd calculation corrected if allin
V2-441 Profil > Starting hands > double click = no hand
V2-413 Opponent > SB Fold: Net EV calculation corrected
V2-411 Replayer : POT odd fixed
V2-403 Hands > Over pair filter not working (new import required)
V2-367 Sessions/Hands module: Modify a filter then Save malfunctions
V2-295 Hands Module > Filter > Flop Hand : Draw (new import required)
V2-162 ( Belgium ) Flags_screenshot_05.png Ladbrokes > CashGame : Net fixed


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