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Versione del 23 maggio 2022


Evolutions :

V2-1035 PartyGaming > MTT > Rake updated
V2-1029 iPoker > MTT KO > Automation 6max

Ergonomics :

V2-1046 Remember the last selected Hero in the general interface

Bugs :

V2-1051 PartyGaming > CashGame : Import errors > Missing labels
V2-1049 Import : Copy in processed without the hero's nickname when a dot is in the nickname
V2-1045 Wrong titles of filter dialogs in the stats module
V2-1044 GGPoker > Bounty amount in the buyin not taken into account > Prevents import summary
V2-1043 "Session in progress" filter very slow when big database
V2-1042 HUD > Data Filter > Hero > Table Hands + Current Game Session
V2-1039 888poker : Double HUD
V2-1038 PokerStars > MTT KO : missing bounty (without re-entry)
V2-1037 Winamax NEW > HUD > Save moves the labels on the other table
V2-1031 WinOS > Winamax > HUD malfunctions if the font size is not 100%.
V2-1030 iPoker > MTT KO > Bounty adjusted in case of rounding
V2-1028 MacOS > WinamaxNEW > HUD unavailable on second screen
V2-1027 Freeze for a few minutes
V2-1026 PokerStars > TournSummary sometimes requires to restart the import
V2-1023 HUD > iPoker > Betclic > MTT : Double labels/Labels are moving
V2-1022 PokerStars/PartyGaming > MTT KO : Taking into account bounty following the reentry
V2-1021 Profil > Hand list > Chips / bb/100
V2-1019 PartyGaming > MTT KO : Bounty is no longer taken into account
V2-1017 HUD : 'On the active table only' malfunctions
V2-1013 MacOS : slow hands update
V2-997 Session automatically corrected wrongly

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