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Import configuration

The interface is composed of 3 areas :


1 - "SUMMARY" 
summarizes le the number of sites for the selected filter.

2 - "FILTERS" is the area  to select the rooms filter to use :


3 - "ROOMS"
displays the rooms for the selected filter. It is composed of 3 areas :


1 - "SORTING" :
 to sort rooms by multiple criteria

2 - "ROOMS" : rooms list, in form of columns of information

3 - "ACTIONS" : depending on the selected room, action buttons are activated on the bar located below the list. Those actions are also accessible via a context menu activated by right-clicking on the list.

Action Description


Starts importing the selected room


FInds standard hand history folders for the selected room


Opens the room folders configuration dialog


Activates/Deactives the selected room.
GOOD TO KNOW : a deactivated room causes the deactivation of data import and hud for this room

Manual import

Opens a dialog to choose files or folders to import

Start import

Starts importing all activated rooms

Import options

Opens the Import options configuration dialog

For more information about each room configuration, click here

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