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Import process

When the import is running, a window named Import in progress appears and shows the files that are going to be processed :


If a file is not recognized as correct, it is marked as unknown. Click Show to see the details:

In that case : 

- Either it's not a game history file

- Or its format is not standard (ie. a room software update may have occured and Xeester has not taken it into account yet). In that case, please send us the file for verification.

NB : In the second case, send us the files on our forum.

Files in error are moved (or copied, depending on the option you chose) into the folder Xeester\processed\Errors\[Poker room]\[Error type]:

import process 2

Depending on the error type, the game session and/or hand(s) may not be imported.

You can see the files in error  by clicking the Open or Open all buttons.


 - Files that have already been imported are marked as duplicates. Click Open to show the details.

- Duplicates are not errors, they are not copied in the folder Xeester\processed\Errors.

 - To avoid  duplicates, activate the "Move file" option in the Import options.

- You can see the time spent processing the files, time remaining, as well as the number of hands per second :

import process 5

Note :
 Time spent and number of hands per second depend on the speed and performance of your computer.

The progress bar indicates the import progress and the file being processed :


You can stop the import process by clicking the Cancel button

The Close button only hides the import window :


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