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Startup issues : general comments on antivirus and firewalls

Firewalls aim at allocating access rights to specific programs. There are two types of access rights :

  • Access to computer resources (files, folders, printers, etc.)
  • Internet access (Web, emails, FTP)

Firewalls default settings ensure a sufficient level of security. To allow a specific software to be granted full access to the computer ressources and internet, you must create firewall « exceptions » for that software.
3 such "exceptions" are required for Xeester :

  • C:\Program Files\Xeester\xeester-update.exe
  • C:\Program Files\Xeester\jre\bin\xeester.exe
  • C:\Program Files\Xeester\mysql\bin\mysqld-xeester.exe

 : A web exception must be configured for

Once these exceptions have been created, you must restart your computer.

Please refer to the specific guidelines for each firewall and antivirus. For any other issue, please contact Xeester support.

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