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Configure my HUDs

You can open the HUDs configuration dialog from the DESKTOP or from the menu :

From the DESKTOP From the menu



The configuration dialog is composed of 3 areas :


1- IMPORTANT : "HUD start mode"
allows you to define the way the HUDs will start : 

Start mode Behavior
Initial format (number of seats)

Always select the HUD depending on the initial table format.
Example :
Even if only 4 players are at a 6 seats table, the default HUD defined for 6 seats will always be used.

Number of seated players

Start and switch the HUD dynamically depending on the number of seatd players.
Example :
If the table has 6 seats, the default HUD will depend on the number of seated players, and will automatically switch when the number of seated players changes.

the start mode does not impact the hands sample used by the HUD. The sample is defined by the HUD itself.

2 - "HUDS LIST" summarizes the available HUDs, and allows to set the default HUD to use for each number of seats/players.



Option Description
Active table only If checked, the HUD only displays on the table your are playing at a given moment

HUD size proportional to the table

If checked, the labels size is proportinal to the table size

Synchronise labels

If checked, all labels positions of the same room and seat will be synchronized when moving a specific label

Do not display the HUD for the Hero If checked, your own label will not be displayed
Transparent labels

Allows to define the HUD transparency

Automatic summary

If checked, an automatic summary will be displayed over the table with the last hand information. Conditions for this summary to be displayed are :

  • Only pots > 50bb
  • Only pots > 30bb
  • Only pots > 10bb
  • Only if showdown
  • Always

Show the odds %

If checked, the odds % at showdown will be displayed for each player involved in the pot

Summary display

Allows to choose :
  • if the summary displays globally under the Xeester menu, or separately under each player's label
  • le nombre de secondes où le résumé reste affiché
Tooltips on labels Activate/deactivate tooltips on labels.
Fully show labels only on rollover If checked, labels will be nearly invisible and will only appear when the mouse is over
Hide the HUD when started Hides by default the HUD when a new table opens
Always show labels inside the screen Forces labems to stay inside the screen area

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