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HUD filters

The data used by the HUD depend on 3 kinds of filters :

hud filters

A - "Sample used when the HUD is displayed une table"
is independently configurable for the Hero and the opponents.

Option Description


Data sample used


Sample's start date

B - "General filters"
are always applied.

General filter Description
Max hands

Maximum number of hands to use

Nb. players

Minimum and maximum players.
Example : 3 to 6 players means that the hands used are limited to hands played with 3,4,5 or 6 players. Other hands will be excluded.

C - "Additional filters"
are applied only when the HUD is displayed on a table and if the « All hands » option is not checked.

Additional filter Description

bb (cashgame) or buyin (tournaments) range


To filter on a game specialty

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