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HUD automatic categorization

 How it works: You can define a set of statistics conditions for each 19 categories.

the first category which all statistic conditions are met becomes the automatic category for the player.

Its configuration interface is composed of 2 areas : 

huds edition categories


Element Description
Category position

You can choose where to position the category on the label (Top / Bottom / Left / Right / Never). You can also choose its thickness.

2 - Category definitions: 

Definitions contain categories, which contain statistics : 

huds edition categories tab content

A category 
is one of the 19 available categories : 

huds edition categories block

A statistic
has its own constraints that must be met to validate the category.

 : you can limit the sample used for a statistic by filtering positions and starting stacks :

huds edition categories stat


Condition Description
Minimum nb cases

Number of cases under which the statistic is not relevant

Value between

Range of values in which the statistic value must be

For more information about the data you can use in a HUD, see the statistics index.


Warning : Does not work with PokerStars, it is a restriction imposed by PokerStars, there are several :

- No badges and no automatic categorization, the player has to figure out for himself what the playing patterns of his opponents are.
- No pie charts on the hand panels of a statistic during play.
- Only 2 limits for 3 areas and then 3 colors for statistics.

This information (PokerStars must be closed) will only be displayed during reviews.

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